A blog for classic car lovers. Here, we shall meet great cars, their history and many curious facts. We will meet their makers and the ideas behind them. And find what drove them to pursue automotive perfection. It will be a voyage of exploration to a past rich in beauty, passion and ideals long forgotten.

I am no professional reviewer or whatsoever. I am no professional writer either. In fact, my main profession has nothing to do with classic cars. But I love them, and I love to learn about them. I respect them much more than any modern car. So, in creating this blog, I am trying to enrich myself, and, at the same time, to share with others that knowledge and my passion for this automotive jewels. Please, enjoy the ride.
All comments, criticism or praise are welcome. Be aware of language. I will not tolerate insult or obscene language. Respect and be respected, that is the more important.

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