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On the 29th of January of 1886, Karl Benz patented an automobile (a vehicle propelled by an engine ), fueled by gasoline. The Benz Patented Motorwagen was the birth of the auto industry, and the first vehicle with technologies that are still present in today’s cars.

But it was a short call because Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach, working together, were also on the brink of building the first automobile, although they didn’t have any knowledge of Benz work. But Benz patented the Motorwagen first, and hence, all the design and processes of the internal combustion engine.

Benz Patent Motorwagen which is widely regarde...

Benz Patent Motorwagen which is widely regarded as the first automobile was first introduced in 1886. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Karl Benz was a cyclist, and he found many parts for the building of the Motorwagen in the cycling world. He bought many parts from a bicycle manufacturer of renown. Do you know the name of that manufacturer?

  1. Calcott Brothers
  2. Adler
  3. Heinkel
  4. Simson
  5. Brennabor
  6. Fram